Claims Management / Protocol

Comprehensive Risk Management takes a proactive approach to claims management. This approach results in effective cost containment by achieving appropriate claim resolution in the shortest time possible.


Vocational rehabilitation is considered a last resort in our claims management and is needed only if there are no other options in returning an injured worker to some sort of gainful employment. We endeavor to first work with the employer to explore other possibilities, when it is apparent that the worker will not return to the job of injury. When a claim does go into vocational rehabilitation, we remain very much involved in that process and we work closely with the vocational counselor and the worker to facilitate early resolution of the issues. We are familiar with many vocational firms and counselors and we work best with those vocational professionals who subscribe to our philosophy of early claim resolution. Cost containment is also important in the vocational arena and we carefully review the vocational charges and adjust those bills to the fee schedule, the same as we do for medical bills. The vocational community is aware of our high standards of performance that we expect from these professionals.