In-House Legal Counsel

One of the many features which makes our service package unique in the industry is our in-house counsel. One of the obvious advantages to you is that your claims manager has immediate access to experienced Defense Counsel to discuss the difficult claims issues that may end up in litigation. File reviews by counsel, at this level, are provided as part of the standard claims management service package at no charge to the client. Our whole goal is to handle difficult claims correctly from the outset and to develop strategies designed to avoid expensive litigation.

Our attorney is always available to you when you need to discuss complex claims issues and the possible interaction they may have with other areas of the law.

At your request, CRM is available to represent your interests before the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. On the rare occasion when litigation is unavoidable, you will have the added assurance that the appealed claim is likely one with which counsel is already very familiar.

Only a small percentage of the workers compensation claims we manage end up in litigation. We feel that this is in large part due to the presence of our in-house attorney. A significant function of in-house counsel is staff education and training. Claim staffing and review ensures that claims management decisions are legally sound. On any given day, for any type of workers compensation issue, our attorney is available to the claims administrator for advice and direction. This unrestricted accessibility allows problems to be addressed or circumvented before they become appealable issues.

If an appeal does become inevitable, your claims administrator and in-house counsel will work together to identify an appropriate litigation path.  They bring together a familiarity of the client, knowledge of appeal procedures, and expertise in pertinent law to chart the appropriate course of action. The result  of this partnership is either a fair and equitable settlement or the ability to take a well-prepared case to hearing or trial.

Of course you may use any attorney with whom you have an existing relationship and we'll provide the same support and service to the attorney of your choice necessary to result in a successful litigation outcome.